About the Tournament

We are very grateful to our Tournament Officials (volunteers) who help to keep play fair for all players and teams.

  • There is a list of 10 Coop Tournament maps
  • Teams should try to attempt each map (for points)
  • For each attempt, a squad of any 5 players from the team can play
  • Attempts can be done on any server at any time with the help of a Tournament Referee
  • Points are awarded for the performance of the team (confirmed after evidence is verified)
  • Overall points and rankings are shown on the Teams page.
  • The tournament season will finish some time in May 2021 (to be confirmed)
  • The team with the highest score will win!


Teams should practice all maps as much as they can. When playing their attempts with the referee, they will not know which map they must attempt until the referee randomly selects it.

Map attempts

When making an attempt on a Tournament map, Team owners should contact Marty to arrange a convenient time for Referee to join your team for a map attempt.
Be sure to enable Spectator and give Referee the server admin password.

  1. Referee will:
    • Meet team in server at agreed date/time
    • Log in as the only server admin
    • Set up server and map list
    • Select a random map to be played by the team
    • Spectate attempt and record replay file
  2. A second attempt can be made on the same map immediately but this will cancel the result of the first attempt
  3. Other maps can be attempted if players and referee have time but only the first random map selected by the referee
  4. After attempt or attempts, Referee provides evidence to Marty.
  5. Evidence is verified and then points are confirmed on Results page.


  • Tournament maps have different mission times - from 30 mins to 60 mins. Be sure to allow 60 mins for the map plus a little extra time for the Referee to set up and players to get ready.
  • Attempting a map the second time should only be used for emergencies. If team performs worse than the first attempt, the second attempt will still be counted - not the first. It is a serious gamble - choose wisely
  • Teams choose server so RCT, Referees and Admins are not responsible for server issues: lag, disconnection etc.

Earn points

  • Attempting a map (+100)
  • Each enemy killed (+5)
  • Team completes map (+50)

Lose points

  • Team member death (-75)
  • Team kill (additional -25)
    Note: team kill of friendly AI counts as team kill (-25) but not as team member death

Bonus points

  • Team perfect finish (+100)
  • Trap/claymore kills enemies (+10 per kill)
  • Knife kill (+50)
  • Complete map with shotguns only (+200)
     * Shotguns only means:
    • Mission must be completed (all enemies dead)
    • No other gun can be used (and no pistol)
    • Grenades, traps and knives are allowed

Points calculator

You can download the Points calculator (v3.6) which will help players, spectators and admins to quickly calculate points scored on a map attempt or practise.
Special thanks to Tuca! for his extra work on the Points Calculator.

If you don't have Excel, the calculator is also provided as an Open Document Spreadsheet.

Note: Minus scores for map attempts are rounded to 0 for ranking on the Teams page.

General settings

  • End rule time: 30-60 mins (depending on map)
  • Spectator: 1
  • Black death: on
  • Vietnam chat: off (for evidence reasons)
  • Respawn: Whole team (one life)
  • Difficulty: Vietnam mode
  • Server messages: Chat to console
  • Grenades limit per life: 1
  • Traps limit per life: 2

Class limits

  • Sniper: 0
  • Radioman: 0
  • Medic: 1
  • Engineer: 1
  • Machinegunner: 1


Two Tournament macros for VC guard are provided: Server settings macro and Play map macro.
Download the zip and follow the instructions in the readme.txt file.
The Referee in a map attempt must be logged in as server admin to run these two macro files.

We want to keep this Tournament simple so just a few rules to remember...

Getting ready

  • Follow the information in the other tabs on this page: How it will work and Playing maps
  • Only Vietcong or Fist Alpha may be used - no other mods, enhancements or cheats
  • Server must be set to Team respawn (not possible in VCguard macro)

During map attempts

  • VCguard must be running on the server during map attempts
  • Tournament macros for VCguard must be used - download from the Server settings tab
  • A Tournament Referee must be a spectator in the map attempts (no other spectator allowed)
  • The Referee used cannot be a member of the team doing the map attempt
  • Referee is not allowed to live stream the spectator view of a map attempt
  • The finds out which random map they will play when they all agree they are ready to start
  • A map attempt begins when the last player joins the map; restart is only allowed if any team members are killed before all can join
  • Players must not move with their head below their waist - holding head low is ok but don't use the 'bending down' exploit


  • A maximum of 6 people are allowed in the server when a team is doing a map attempt (Referee + 5 from the team)
  • If 5 players is not possible for a team, a map attempt can be done with 4 players - but there is no points benefit for this
  • If a player loses connection to server during an attempt, they can rejoin only if they were not killed


  • Team members may swap weapons
  • Picking up and using enemy weapons is allowed (at team's own risk!)
  • Sten II is allowed.


Yes of course we will listen to comments and have discussion.
However, decisions will need to be made and you might not get everything you want or suggest.

To make comments or be part of the discussion, visit the official Coop Tournament channel in the Vietcong Hub on Discord.