Here is a list of all maps to be attempted by each team. There is no penalty if maps are not played.
You can download individual maps or the whole map pack (272MB).

Map, Time, SideScreenshot, DescriptionEnemiesMax points*Download
[40 mins]us flag
Screenshot previewThis old CTF classic has been infested with cunning VC killers - eager to make a bloody example of your team.54520Download7MB
[60 mins]us flag
Screenshot previewIt's a long way down from the top. Beware the cliff faces and unexpected enemy positions in the large and varied terrain.54520Download36MB
[40 mins]us flag
Screenshot previewNot a good map for you if you're scared of spiders! This unusual map combines the cave pathways in a mountain with the outdoor buildings of a jungle port.48490Download27MB
[40 mins]us flag
Screenshot previewWatch for enemy grenades as you assault this VC base in the hills.45475Download9MB
[30 mins]us flag
Screenshot previewIf you ever wondered what Ho Chi Minh's home looks like, you can find out when you clear the house and surrounding area.52510Download50MB
[60 mins]vc flag
Screenshot previewBeware the camping US forces in this urban assault - they will surprise you if you're not careful! 52510Download77MB
[40 mins]vc flag
Screenshot previewExplore the swampy marshland at dawn and eliminate the encroaching US enemies.50500Download18MB
[60 mins]us flag
Screenshot previewThe VC are embedded deep into several positions around their camp and nearby dwellings - eliminate them all. Note: Includes 5 friendly AIs.46480Download22MB
[40 mins]us flag
Screenshot previewAttempting this mission with shotguns could be risky - Charlie are crawling all over this map.53515Download4MB
[40 mins]us flag
Screenshot previewSpawning in enemy hills can't be much harder than this - you'll need eyes in the back of your head.44470Download17MB

*Includes perfect success but not extras such as knife kills or shotguns only.

Points calculator

You can download the Points calculator (v3.6) which will help players, spectators and admins to quickly calculate points scored on a map attempt or practise.
Special thanks to Tuca! for his extra work on the Points Calculator.

If you don't have Excel, the calculator is also provided as an Open Document Spreadsheet.


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