Frequently asked questions

There have been some similar questions from the community. Here are some answers...

This should not be a highly competitive event. But it is all about a team approach and it is OK for some members of one team to also be contributing to the scoring of a different team. It is a way to have fun in different teams (if you wish) with the goal of helping the team to win. Also, because there are not so many VC players these days, it makes it more interesting if there are more teams playing. However, you can choose to play in only one team if you wish.
Some teams will be made up of players who know each other well. But this is also an opportunity to play with people you may not know well. The web site now includes a way to message players directly - where you see their name in a team. You can also shout out to players on the shoutbox if they are active there - or search for them in the Discord channel.
The Tournament began on Monday 15 February 2021. The original idea was for a European Winter season event. However, there were some delays finalising the map list and finding volunteer Referees. The Tournament was due to finish around the middle of May 2021 - however, a few extra weeks will be granted to teams who still need to finish map attempts.
You can reset your password: Log out of the site. Then follow the 'Reset password' link under the login box.
This is really up to you. It depends how much you and your team want to practice/train on maps together. Plus you will need time to actually attempt each map. If you want minimum involvement, you and your team could practise maps each week for 6 weeks. For example - just 1-2 hours of practise time per week. Your team could then perform your map attempts for 1-2 hours per week for 6 weeks and would complete the maps within 12 weeks. Since the Tournament will for at least three months, there is plenty of time.
10 maps are listed for teams to play. Teams can use any 5 members to attempt a map - which will be randomly selected. Results and evidence will be recorded with the help of Tournament Referees. Points will be confirmed by a Tournament Admin. The team with the highest points at the end of the season will be the winners.
The map list is available on the Maps page. There was over two weeks to discuss map issues before the tournament started. The map list probably won't change now - but you can use the Discord channel to report any map issues.
The rules are shown in the Rules tab on the About page. All other information about the Tournament is already on the About page - including how maps will be played, points calculation and server settings. If you have comments to suggestions about the rules, contact Marty in Discord (martyr#0798).
This event should be about having fun and some light competition. We did not want to make a money prize for several reasons. Do you have a suggestion? What about the winners having a video made about their team's performances in the maps?
This is a very 'hot' topic. We want this to be a fair and honest event - otherwise it will be pointless. This is an informal event on an old game to let players take part in a little competition for fun. If you are found to be abusing the settings, manipulating your team's results, using enhancements or cheats or in any way using dishonesty to claim false results, you will be banned if the Admins agree. Read the Rules tab on the About page. Admins will be aware of possible cheats and exploits so please all do your part in keeping this a fair and fun event. Report suspected cheating to Marty via Discord (martyr#0798).


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