Tournament officials

We need you!


Our wonderful Referees supported RCT 2021 in an awesome way: by giving some of their free time. We are very grateful to them all...

What do Referees do?


If you are interested in making the next Tournament happen and want to volunteer some time as a Referee, please send Marty a message.

All instructions are provided.

Note: Referees must be respected - they are neural participants in map attempts. Any player found to be harrassing a Referee will be banned.


RCT 2021 had three Tournament Admins.

The function of Tournament Admins is to assist in verifying the results of map attempts. This means sometimes checking that calculated points are correct and approving results. Admins may also be needed to judge appeals or assist Referees with difficult questions.

Time and input from our Admins is very much appreciated.

Note: Admins are anonymous - they have final say and will not engage in arguments.